Write a short note on Blog.

A blog, short for ‘web log’ is a modern online writer’s column. A blog is a web site like any other, but it is intended to offer personal opinions of people on their hobbies, interests, commentaries, photo blogs, etc.

Initially, blogs started out as online personal diaries, but in a technology-driven world, now they have also been taken up by businesses as an informal method of communicating with customers and clients.

Blogs can also be used for commercial purposes, too. Absolutely anyone can start a blog, but some people make reasonable incomes by selling advertising on their blog pages. Social network companies also realise how popular blogs are and many offer free blog space.

Another feature of popularising a blog is the ability of visitors to add comments to the stories.

There are two ways of starting your own blog:

Free blog hosting: You do not need a server to start your own blog. There are plenty of free, open source blogging software you can install. For example WordPress and Moveable Type.

Paid blogging: Another way is when a company provides you a limited amount of space or a column on their website and the blogger has to pay for the same till the time he is using the available space.

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