What makes Serbjit angry?

Serbjit gets angry when people don’t believe what he says. His parents and teachers think that he is a liar.

Who was Miss Beam?

Miss Beam was a kind and generous lady and the owner of the school. She was a middle-aged, full of authority, yet very understanding lady. Her hair was grey Her school taught students how to become responsible citizens and help those who were disabled to help themselves.

How did the girl explain the ‘bad days’? Why were they bad?

Amongst the bad days, the day when the arm was tied up was troublesome, because you need help for eating, to doing any other work. Being blind on the blind day was also a bad day because the head ached and there was fear of getting hurt all the time.

Who are helpers in the story?

The helpers are those children who are given duty to help other children who are deaf, dumb or blind for the day.

What does Nasir want to be? Why?

Nasir wants to be a seed collector when he grows up. He finds that his father spends a lot of money on buying seeds each year. After learning to preserve seeds, he will help his father in saving money. The preserved seeds can be used next year.