Write a short note on Social Networking.

Social Networking is a platform that helps people to connect with others and build a social relation. The last 15 years has seen a splurge of social networking sites where people can search / choose to make friends, post pictures and photos, comment on each other’s activities. Social networking has opened the doors where people can connect and share their lives and the activities by them without being close geographically. People can connect from anywhere in the world with the internet connection. They can become the member of one or other available social networking site.

Social networking site allows a user to share ideas, activities, events, and interests among the people. The individuals can also have the control of the content they share and the person with whom they are or want to communicate with. An individual can share text information, photos, data files or even videos. Many people now a days use social networking sites to market their business and thus reach the potential customer. Using an account of these sites they can showcase their product and services that the people interested can follow and review.

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