What is the brief summary of the poem, ‘How to Tell Wild Animals’?

The poem revolves around the dangerous ways to identify wild animals. The poet tries to distinguish one animal from the other in a humorous way. The poem is, thus, very educative and informative which tells us about various features of wild animals.


The poet tries to distinguish different animals in a humorous manner. He is also educating the reader by describing the various features of wild animals. He is introducing all the animals of East one by one in a very practical way.


It is a humorous poem. The poet suggests some dangerous ways of identifying wild animals. The suggested ways create humour. He says if you ever visit the jungles in the east and you happen to encounter a lion, a tiger or a leopard, you’ll be able to identify them by the way they attack upon you. The idea of ‘Identifying while dying’ makes you laugh. He also tells you to identify a bear from its friendly, hard bear-hug, a hyena from its laugh and a crocodile from its weeping while swallowing its victim. If you see nothing on the tree, then there is a chameleon as it has the quality to change its colour according to its surroundings.

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