Who Was Alluri Sitaram Raju? Explain His Role in Inspiring the Rebels With Gandhiji’s Ideas

In the early 1920s a militant guerrilla movement spread in the Gudem Hills of Andhra Pradesh. The Congress never approved such type of movements. This took place because the colonial government closed large forest areas and prevented the people from entering the forest for the purposes like grazing the cattle, collection of fuelwood and fruits.

The livelihood and the traditional rights of the local people were denied. The revolt began when the government forced the hill people to contribute Begar for the road building.

Alluri Sitaram Raju who was the leader of this revolt claimed that he had special powers like making correct astrological predictions, healing the people and could survive even bullet shots. Therefore the rebels proclaimed him the incarnation of God.

Though Raju favoured the Gandhian styles and greatness and urged people to wear khadi and give up drinking but at the same time he asserted the use of force and violence to get India liberated.

The police stations were attacked, British officials were killed and guerrilla warfare continued for Swaraj. As a result in the year 1924, Raju was arrested and executed and hence became a folk hero.

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