Describe the Character of Sergei

Sergei was a kind and honest man. Sergei couldn’t tolerate lies and dishonesty. He thought that everyone should earn money by working hard. He was not the kind of man who took undue advantage of a person’s helplessness and exploited him. When Lushkoff came to his house to chop wood, he felt bad because Lushkoff’s was weak and hungry. He was ashamed of himself for having set a spoiled, drunken, perhaps sick man to work at menial labour in the cold. Sergei held everyone equally. H didn’t discriminate people on the basis of how rich he was. Though Lushkoff was poor and worked for him, he wasn’t disrespectful to him. He rather recognised

Lushkoff’s hard work. Sergei was a resourceful man also. He sent Lushkoff with a letter to his friend so that Lushkoff could get a better job. Sergei never forgot anyone. Even if he met Lushkoff after two years, he could recognise him immediately and talked with him in the most cordial way. Sergei was a man of principles with a kind heart.

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