What are the different types of Organisational Communication?

Communication may be of several types. On the basis of relationship between the parties communicating each other, the communication may be formal or informal. On the basis of flow of direction, communication can be downward, upward or horizontal.

(a) Formal and Informal Communication

Formal communication is the official message that is communicated by a manager by virtue of his position in the organisation structure.

On the other hand, communication is said to be informal when it grown up spontaneously from personal and group interests.

(b) Downward, Upward and Horizontal Communication

When communication flows from top to bottom it is called downward communication, when it flows from bottom to up it is named as “upward communication’. Lateral, or horizontal communication refers to the flow of communication between various departments or people on the same level in an organisation.

(c) Verbal and Written Communication

Two methods of communicating a message may be verbal or written. Popular forms of oral communication include face-to-face talks, formal groups discussions, and grapevine. On the other hand, written communication is a formal method of putting the orders, instructions, reports in writing. It creates a record of evidence.

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