Short Note on ‘SMART’ Goals

The goals should be ‘SMART’ to set: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound.

1. Specific Goals

The goals set before us should be specific and not vague or ambiguous. They should reflect our aspirations e.g. I want to have good education but how one can have it from?

Instead, the goals should be specified like –‘I wanted to complete my MBA from IIM Ahamedabad’, ‘I wanted to become an engineer’ but there should be good marks in Mathematics at HSC exam.

2. Measurable Goals

The goal should be measurable so far the achievement is concerned. How much we are successful should be measurable in numbers or percentage. e.g. ‘I will pass’ instead. ‘I will get 75% marks’ or ‘I will top the merit list’ should be your goal. ‘I will participate in running’ instead, ‘I will complete 100 m race within less than 7 minutes’ should be the goal. Some people have goals and achievements non-measurable like ‘I secured IInd class at B.A.’ But IInd class ranges between 45 and 59. Then exact how many percentage? This is called goals should be measurable. These goals set up the graph of progress before an individual.

3. Achievable Goals

The person should set the goals according to his capacities, abilities and his stamina and devote time for its achievement. These goals should not be beyond limits or under limits. If the student consistently getting average percentage of marks as 40% and wish for becoming doctor is not an achievable. As also the student whose height in only 5’.3” should not aspire for police service. If the goals are achievable, the attainments are fulfilled as well.

4. Realistic Goals

Always the person should have realistic goals. Every individual has endowed with certain natural qualities, skills, competencies or he must have acquired them. These abilities capacities, caliber could be used to achieve goals. There should not be unrealistic or fantasised or day-dreaming goals before. e.g. A student excellent in Mathematics should become an engineer or melodious voice student wanted to become a singer are the realistic goals. Hence, while setting the goal one must know about his strengths and weaknesses or limitations.

5. Timebound Goals

The goals should be timebound and to be completed or achieved within given time only. e.g. Mumbai University has prescribed the degree in Arts (B.A.) as integrated three years course. Hence, one should complete and achieve it within stipulated time, otherwise, there are rules that it also could be achieved in five years. Some young graduates set the goal before to become an I AS officer but do not fix the time or period for it. But time goes on and they are age barred now and not eligible to appear for examination. Hence, the individual should achieve his goal within given time.

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