Requirement of Socialization

It is natural to come to mind that what is the role of socialization in a person’s development? Can a person not be accommodated properly in society without socialization? Does a person assimilate his culture only through socialization?

1. Lessons of Discipline

A person has to follow the rules and bye-laws the society in which he lives. Socialization motivates a person to become disciplined by following those rules and bye-laws, as well as socialization also helps the person to know what he should do? And what he should not? In this way, we can say that socialization helps a person to live in the society in a disciplined way.

2. Skilled in Social Behaviour

Every society wants its citizens to contribute in the development of that particular society. Socialization creates a sense in the individual that he not only understands the social responsibility properly but can also discharge those obligations efficiently, when the person discharges his social obligations properly, and then he is respected and honoured by that society.

3. Social Obligations

Socialization guides the person how to live in the society but at the same time he also provides the person with his social obligations. What does the society expect from him? And what he can do to fulfil those expectations? Through the process of socialization, the person not only knows all these responsibilities but also puts tireless efforts to fulfil them.

4. Assimilating Culture

Socialization not only makes a person realize his responsibilities and duties but also motivates to imbibe the culture in his mind and heart. Knowing only the concept of socialization is not socialization but also assimilating the social values, beliefs and ideals in mind, speech and thought (i.e. Mansa, vacha and Karmana theory). If a person only knows social values and ideals and does not follow them in his / her conduct then socialization of that person is incomplete. Ultimately it can be said that a when a person embraces social qualities in his behavior only then his socialization is meaningful.

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