Looking back at the last ten years of your life, describe the events that have been significant in shaping your personality.

It is rightly said– “Experiences are the best teacher.” The experiences and events of our life play a very important role in shaping our personalities. Looking back at the last ten years of my life, there have been many events that proved to be life-changing events; but among them, there was one event that shaped my personality significantly.

About two years ago, when I was studying in a college, I used to catch a bus to college from my usual bus stop every day. One fine day, I saw a lady with her cute little daughter. She asked me about some bus numbers which I directed accordingly. Meanwhile, the girl just kept smiling, looking at me. Luckily I had a bar of chocolate in my pocket which I gave to her. She thanked in such a cute way that could brighten up anyone’s day.

After that day, I used to see them at the bus stop daily. There was an exchange of smiles and a goodbye. On some days, I came to know that they lived in my colony. So sometimes, I used to visit her home and see her playing. One day, I didn’t see the two at the bus stop. I thought maybe someone would be ill. Some days passed by but there was no sign of the child or her mother. Out of some curiosity, I inquired about her. I came to know that the lady had committed suicide, which shook me to my core. I asked the neighbours about the reason for her committing suicide. They told that she had written a letter, which said that her husband had cheated on her and left her. She was tired of the loneliness and emotional trauma. The neighbours had left the child in an orphanage.

The next day, I gathered some courage and went to the orphanage and inquired about the child. There she was, playing on a swing in the park. When she saw me she gave me that smile which I had been missing for a long.

Seeing the child happy and the way she enjoyed and played, I started thinking about the problems I had in my life. Everything just started, to look so easy. My failures, people hurting me, using me for selfish needs were too small in front of the child’s future which was only full of loneliness and pain. I just thought that if she can smile through this phase, then why couldn’t I?

This event made me change my attitude towards the world. Since then, I have transformed myself from being a pessimist to an optimist. This event has increased my faith in God which has ultimately shaped my personality in a good way.

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