Give the meaning of motivation and state any four features of motivation.

Motivation may be defined as the set of forces inspiring a person to intensify his willingness to work for the achievement of certain objectives. Motivation is something that puts a person into action and continues him in that course of action enthusiastically.

Features of Motivation are:

1. Motivation is an Internal Feeling: The urges, drives, desires, aspirations, strivings or needs of human beings which are internal, influence human behaviour. For example, people may have different urges like possessing a car, flat, AC, etc. It may be noted that urges are internal to an individual.

2. Motivation produces Goal-directed Behaviour: Motivation induces people to behave in such a manner that they can achieve their goals. For example, if a person has strong desire to get a promotion, he will work efficiently to achieve his goal.

3. Motivation is a Complex Process: Individuals are heterogeneous in their expectations, perceptions and reactions. A technique of motivation may not have a uniform effect on all the people. Some are motivated by financial incentives while others prefer non-financial incentives like recognition, well-furnished office, etc.

4. Motivation is a Continuous Process: Human beings are wanting animals. Their needs are unlimited and keep on changing continuously. Satisfaction of one need gives rise to another. So, the managers have to continuously perform the function of motivation.

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