Define the term ‘density of population’. Elaborate any four geographical factors the influence that distribution of population in the world.

Density of population is expressed as number of persons per unit area.

Density of Population = Population/Area

Four geographical factors that influence the distribution of population in the world :

1. Availability of water: It is the most important factor for life. So, people prefer to live in areas where fresh water is easily available.

2. Landforms: People prefer living on flat plains and gentle slopes. This is because such areas are favourable for the production of crops and to build roads and industries.

3. Climate: An extreme climate such as very hot or cold deserts are uncomfortable climate, but where there is not much seasonal variation, attracts more people.

4. Soil: Fertile soils are important for agricultural and allied activities. Therefore, areas which have fertile loamy soils have more people living on them as these can support intensive agriculture.

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