‘Coorg’ seems to share a lot of historical perspectives. Is knowing such kind of historical knowledge important for us?

In the lesson ‘Coorg’, the author tells us that the Coorgi people are descendants of either the Greeks or the Arabs. He says that they could have Greek origin because there was a legend that a part of Alexander’s army had moved to the south and settled here. According to another legend, they had Arab origin because of the dresses they wore. The author also tells us that the first General of the Indian Army, General Cariappa was a Coorg. It is important for us to know about the deep-rooted cultural background of our country and heritage so that we become aware of the fact that our culture has always welcomed people from other cultures and absorbed them into its own. This spreads the message of being tolerant which is very important in today’s world when the world is torn with war because of these ethnic reasons.

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