What kind of a person you think the narrator is?

The narrator seems to be a man of easy going nature. He is never in a hurry to bring his story to its logical conclusion. He describes the events leisurely dwelling upon details.

He is shrewd and keen observer of things, places and persons. Nothing seems to escape his notice. He not only records his observations but also passes his critical comments. He does not approve of the use of English words in our day-to-day conversation. He feels that it creates unnecessary confusion. He does not approve of the English way of life. It has adversely affected our youngsters and they have forgotten their traditional values. They have no regard for their elders and this is the result of their following the English lifestyle blindly. The narrator does not believe in astrology. He thinks that astrologer’s perceptions are merely based on hearsay and conjecture, not on what they learn from the study of stars.

The narrator seems to be a born match-maker. He thinks that Ranga would make a good husband. He is distressed to know that Ranga has decided to remain a bachelor but he does not lose his heart. He makes up his mind to get Ranga married. He finds a suitable girl for him and works out a clever plan to bring the boy and the girl together.

The narrator is a man of fun-loving nature. He is amused to see that Ranga is infatuated with Ratna but he tells Ranga that the girl is already married just for the sake of fun. Later, when he finds Ranga is really serious about Ratna he tells him that somebody had misinformed him that she is married.

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