Astrologers’ perceptions are based more on hearsay and conjecture than what they learn from the study of the stars. Comment with reference to the story.

Astrology is the art of observing the position of the stars in the belief that they influence human affairs. Very few astrologers know this art and their perceptions are based on what they learn from the study of the stars. But perceptions of most of the astrologers are based on mere hearsay and conjecture. This is quite obvious from the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage.’ The narrator meets Shastri, the astrologer and tutors him before landing in all that he wants him to say. Then he takes Ranga to Shastri to know what is worrying him. Shastri develops on the hints given by the narrator and makes his predictions. His perceptions are based on what he has learnt from the narrator. He used his professional skill to give them a touch of mystery. For instance, he pretends to mutter something and make calculations before saying it in a serious tone, “It’s about a girl.” Then, instead of telling the girl’s name directly he says, “She probably has the name of something found in the ocean.” He knows that the girl’s name is Ratna, and Ratna is a precious stone found in the ocean.

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