What, according to Emerson, is the main problem in gifting?

There are a few concerns which one faces when planning to gift someone. Firstly, as Emerson has stated in the essay, there is a perennial shortage of gift and people seem to struggle with it constantly. Secondly, the main problem in gifting is to decide what exactly is to be gifted, because a judicious selection of gift puts a lasting impression on the mind of the receiver. Contrary to it, an impulsive selection of gift leads to no impact or impression.

Further, Emerson suggests a few choices of gifts that one can make while gifting. Flowers and fruits, to him are the two very obvious choices. ‘Flowers’, he says, are symbolic of the most charming offerings of the Nature. They beguile the mind through their breathtaking beauty and variety. Flowers, undoubtedly, are the messengers of love and sublime creativity. They make us feel good, loved, wanted and important. They flatter us in a subtle way, thus giving us the pleasure by hinting upon whom we mean what.

Fruits, in Emerson’s view, are an adorable item to be gifted. They too, like flowers, are nature’s best offerings. They assure of providing a sense of satisfaction with the satiating values attached to it. Emerson states a situation which speaks volume about the extent of satisfaction one feels in a situation when the fruit-grower walks an unusually long distance, carrying the basket of fruit on his back and presenting it to his friend. The sheer labour involved in the transportation of the fruit and the love of the giver for the recipient, proportionally enhances his self-importance.

Emerson suggests certain parameters to follow while selecting a gift. He states that while making a selection of a gift ‘considering the necessity of the gift for the recipient’, must be analyzed. He clarifies with certain examples, like presenting a pair of shoes to the bare-footed, presenting a meal to a hungry fellow, etc. Though all these are ordinary day-to-day items, yet the instant joy which they provide to the receiver is immeasurable.

Another parameter to consider while selecting a gift is, ‘considering a gift which will suit the character of the receiver.’ For instance, gifting something which might fall in line with the hobby or desire of the receiver.

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