‘The Address’ is a story of human predicament that follows war. Comment.

War brings with it both death and destruction. It has a de-humanizing effect on human beings. It kills the finer feelings of love and sympathy. It makes man cruel and selfish.

Mrs. Dorling had carried narrator’s valuable to her home for safety during war time. She lived at 46, Marconi Street. The narrator’s mother had died during the war. The narrator went to the woman to claim her mother’s belongings. The woman pretended that she did not recognize the narrator. She was surprised to see her come back.

Later, she realized that she was found out. Still she did not let the narrator enter her house. The narrator found her own rooms changed. Various of her things were missing. The narrator wanted to see and touch her mother’s valuables. They were linked in her memory with the life of former times. She failed to get them back. They still remained in strange surroundings with Mrs. Dorling. Mrs. Dorling’s daughter behaved properly but she could not restore her valuables. She wanted to forget everything.

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