The story is divided into pre-War and post-War times. What hardships do you think the girl underwent during these times?

The story, ‘The Address,’ is distinctly divided into pre-war and post-war times. There are clear indications of the hardship which the narrator, a young girl, had to undergo during these times. The girl belonged to a well-to-do family. They lived comfortably in their house. They had a lot of valuable possessions. Then the war broke out. A shrewd and cunning woman Mrs. Dorling, an old acquaintance of the girl’s mother, renewed their contact and started visiting their house. She took away all their valuables, one after the other, under the pretext that she wanted to save all their nice things in case they had to leave the place to perhaps they had migrate to a place of safety. They must have faced untold hardships also. Then the war got over. Things became almost normal. Now, the girl was living all alone in a rented house. She happened to know the address of Mrs. Dorling. She went to the address in the hope that her mother’s belongings might still be there. She found Mrs. Dorling using her mother’s things recklessly. Suddenly, she lost interest in the things that had belonged to a connection that no longer existed. She decided to leave it all behind and resolved to move on.

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