What do you know about Bishamber Nath? Why did Bholi refuse to marry him?

Bishamber was a middle-aged man. He was nearly as old as Bholi’s father. He limped while walking. He also had children from his first wife. He had a big house and a shop and also a lot of money in the bank. He agreed to marry Bholi without demanding dowry. But when he came to marry her on the day of wedding, he asked for ₹ 5000 to marry Bholi after seeing the pock scars on her face. Bholi’s father Ramlal begged him to not demand for dowry but Bishamber stuck to his demand. Ramlal placed his turban at his feet but Bishamber was not moved. At last, Ramlal went in and opened his locker and came out with ₹ 5000 and placed the money at Bishamber’s feet.But Bholi refused to marry such a mean and greedy person and decided to remain unmarried to take care of her parents.

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