Imagine you are the seagull’s mother. You wanted him to fly and your plan worked. Write a page in your diary to describe how he ventured into his flight.

Monday: 25th June, 20xx
10:30 p.m.

Dear Diary

Today I am feeling very happy. Finally, all my children are able to fly. Coaxing the youngest one was in deed a real ordeal. He just refused to get off the ledge. We tried every method but failed. After nearly 24 hours, I could see that he was feeling really hungry. So I decided to play a trick on him. I took a piece of fish in my mouth and flew close to the ledge. Maddened by hunger, he stepped forward to get the fish, lost his balance and fell outwards. Instinctively, he spread his wings and found that he could fly.

Even my husband and other children supported him. When he was near the sea, while flying straight over it, all of us landed on the green surface of water ahead of him. We all started calling him to do the same thing. He dropped his leg to stand on the green sea. But his legs sank into it. He cried with fear. He tried to rise again flapping his wings. But he was tired and weak with hunger. He could not rise. We all started crying and praising him. At last we offered him scraps of dog-fish. He had at last made his first flight successful with great effort. It was the proud moment of my life. Now I am relaxed.

Good night Diary.

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