How is Mukesh’s attitude towards his situation different from that of Saheb? Why?

Mukesh’s attitude towards his situation is different from that of Saheb because, unlike Saheb, Mukesh is ambitious. Mukesh has his roots in Firozabad. He is born into a family of bangle makers and must follow in his father’s footsteps for now. However, he wants to break the family tradition and become a motor mechanic. Saheb, on the other hand, is a rootless migrant from Bangladesh who is content being a ragpicker at Seemapuri. Although he fancies the idea of going to school, he starts working at a tea stall because the salary is good. Mukesh too is greatly unhappy about his prevailing poverty. However, he is determined to change it. He is ready to walk a long distance every day to a garage and train to become a motor mechanic.

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