How did Miranda and Ferdinand profess their love for each other in Act III, Scene I?

When Miranda and Ferdinand see each other for the first time, they fall in love with each other. Prospero is inwardly happy with his development, but he wants to test Ferdinand’s sincerity in love. So, he imposes some punishment upon Ferdinand. Ferdinand is to carry logs of wood from different places and pile them in one place. It is a tough and degrading job for a Prince. He performs this tedious task for the sake of his love for Miranda. He says that the thought of Miranda’s beauty and sweetness makes his job easy.

Miranda expresses her sympathy for Ferdinand. She expresses her love by offering to share his labour. Ferdinand asks Miranda her name. She tells Ferdinand that her name is Miranda and adds that the disclosure of her name would annoy her father. He tells her that her name is fit to be admired. She is perfect in all respects. She is the epitome of beauty. When Miranda asks him if he loves her, he replies that heaven and earth will bear witness that he loves her and honours her beyond all limits. Miranda tells him that she has not seen any other woman than her own reflection in the mirror. She has no idea about her beauty. She then swears by her modesty that she would never accept any other companion except him.

Ferdinand reveals his identity and tells her that he is a Prince and most probably a King because his father is supposed to have been drowned. When Ferdinand tells her that he values her beyond anything else in this world, Miranda begins to weep. When Ferdinand asks her why she is weeping, she replies that she wept due to her inability to give him what she wants to give him. She spontaneously tells him that she is ready to become his wife if he marries her and if not wish to marry her, she would become his maid-servant for his whole life. Ferdinand tells her that he is willing to marry her.

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