Explain Any Three Benefits of Refrigerated Ships.

The three benefits of refrigerated ships were:

1. There was trade in meat till the 1870s from America to Europe. The cattle were slaughtered after they reach the destination. There were number of problems in carrying the five animals into the ships such as they took lot of space, many died on the way, fell ill, lost their weight, became inedible.

2. To solve the problems of this meat trade, refrigerated ships were developed for carrying these for a longer distance. The animals were slaughtered at the starting point and then transported as frozen meat to Europe which solved the problems of space, shipping cost and the price of the meat in the European market.

3. As the price of the meat reduced in the market, the European poor could also consume butter, eggs and meat which helped in better living conditions and social peace in the country. This condition supported for imperialism abroad.

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