Bringing Up Kari

The narrator was surprised to find out the truth about the mysterious banana-thief. What was the mystery?

The narrator was surprised to find the truth about the banana theft. He thought that a terrible snake was trying to sneak out the bananas from the dining room, but to his amazement, as he walked out, he saw Kari’s back disappearing towards the pavilion. The narrator was extremely frightened and wanted to rush towards…

The narrator noticed that there was a change in Kari’s behaviour while they were trying to save the young boy. What was the change?

Generally, Kari was slow and ponderous, but the narrator noticed that in an attempt to save the young boy’s life. Kari became very fast and darted down like a hawk. He quickly came halfway into the water. Kari took action very fast to make all possible attempts to save the life of the boy.