Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

In the poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, what is the contrast between the reality of Aunt’s life and her imagination?

In the poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, Aunt Jennifer is portrayed as a timid and nervous lady who is living a fearful existence but in contrast to this, she embroiders tigers which are the symbol of boldness, courage and fearlessness. They are the masters of their kingdom where no one lives a life devoid of freedom.

What picture of male chauvinism (tyranny) do we find in the poem, ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’?

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers portrays the suppression of women in a male–dominated society. Aunt Jennifer is burdened by the ‘massive weight of the uncle’s wedding band’ and she is also scared of him. The poem shows lack of freedom as Aunt Jennifer was forced to live in accordance with the rules laid down by her husband,…

Aunt Jennifer’s efforts to get rid of her fear proved to be futile. Comment.

Aunt Jennifer lived in constant fear of her husband. She was very weak and frail. She could never stand up boldly against her tyrannical husband. She revolted silently in her own way, i.e., by creating tigers on a panel to symbolize her wish to be strong, fierce and free like the tigers. There was no…