Would you agree that the author’s grandmother was a person strong in character? If yes, give instances that show this.

Yes, the author’s grandmother was a person strong in character. Her unwavering commitment to her religious practices demonstrates her spiritual strength and deep convictions. She adapts to significant changes in her life, such as moving from the village to the city and her grandson’s growing independence, without losing her sense of self or values. This ability to adapt reflects her resilience and inner fortitude.

Her role as a nurturer and guide to the author, taking responsibility for his upbringing and imparting moral and spiritual values, further showcases her strong character. Her daily practice of feeding the sparrows symbolizes her compassionate nature, and her connection to all living beings is an extension of her spiritual philosophy.

Perhaps most telling is her dignified and peaceful approach to death. Spending her last moments in prayer and reflection, her calm and composed demeanour in the face of death illustrates her profound inner strength.

Through these various aspects of her life and actions, the grandmother’s influence, wisdom, and the dignified way she lived her life make her a figure of strength and integrity in the story. Her character stands as a testament to enduring values and the resilience of the human spirit.

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