Why does the author compare Neruda to a Renaissance pope?

Pablo Neruda, a close friend of the author, made his inaugural visit to Spain. The author likened Neruda’s demeanour to that of a Renaissance pope, as his behaviour exhibited a childlike nature. In the author’s perception, Neruda moved through the crowds with a cumbersome grace reminiscent of an ailing elephant. His observations of the world were infused with the inquisitiveness of a child, genuinely fascinated by the inner workings of everything he encountered. From the author’s perspective, the world appeared to be a tangible, intricate mechanism. However, despite these childlike qualities, the author drew a comparison between Neruda and a Renaissance pope due to Neruda’s insatiable appetite for knowledge and refined sensibilities. To the author, Neruda embodied the essence of a Renaissance pope more closely than anyone he could envision.

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