Why did the archaeologists study the burial patterns of the civilisations? What are some of the features of the burials in Harappan civilisation?

Burials are an important aspect to study and to analyse the social and economic differences among the people of different cultures inhabiting the civilisation.

Some of the features of the Harappan burials were:

  1. In Harappan civilisation the dead people were generally laid in pits. However, there was variation in the type of pits used for burying.
  2. There was the discovery of several kinds of pottery and ornaments in some graves. This was generally kept for usage in the afterlife.
  3. Jewellery has been found with the burial of both men and women.
  4. In some instances copper mirrors were also discovered with the dead people.
  5. There were apprehensions about the practice of burning the dead on the funeral pyre.

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