Why did Bama stroll in the market place instead of hurrying back home? Describe the sights she enjoyed seeing there.

Bama’s home was hardly a ten minute walk from her school. She took almost half an hour to reach her home because she watched all the fun and games in the streets. There, was a performing monkey. Then, there was the snake charmer. There was the cyclist who had not got off his bike for three days. There were the spinning wheels. The Mariyaata Temple was a great attraction. There were all sorts of shops and stalls. There was a huntergypsy with a lemur in a cage, people selling needles, clay pots and instruments for cleaning ears. There would be some political party arranging mikes. At times there was a puppet or a magic show. There were the coffee clubs in the bazaar. Some people could be seen sitting in front of the shops, chopping onions. Then, according to the season, there would be people selling fruits, sweets, tasty fried snacks, payasam, halwa, boiled tamarind seeds and iced lollies.

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