Who was Kushanas? How do they claim a high status in the society?

Kushanas ruled over the territories extending from Central Asia to the North-Western territories between C. first century BCE to first Century CE. The history of the Kushana rulers has been reconstructed with the help of the inscriptions and written texts.

The Kushanas claimed a high status in the society in the following ways:

  1. They claimed themselves to have a divine origin.
  2. They identified themselves with the main deities that led to the increase in their authority.
  3. The Colossal statues of the Kushana rulers have been found in a shrine located at Mat in Mathura.
  4. Shrines of Kushana have been discovered from the region of Afghanistan. The Kushana rulers considered themselves as sacred figures.
  5. The Kushana rulers adopted titles such as ‘Devaputra’ which means son of God.

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