What other interests, besides Science, did Richard Ebright pursue? What opinion did Mr. Weiherer, his social studies teacher, have about Ebright?

Other than Science, Richard Ebright was interested in collecting rocks, coins and fossils and was also interested in star-grazing and astronomy. He was also a good debater, canoeist and expert photographer. Mr. Weiherer felt that Richard not only was interested in his experiments but also kept his mind open for other things and put in that extra effort to attain success.


Richard Ebright was interested in science since childhood but he also had many other interests. He was a passionate public speaker and was an important part of Debating Society and Model United Nations Club. He was an enthusiastic photographer, especially interested in nature and scientific exhibits. He was also a canoeist and enjoyed the outdoors.

Mr. Kleiherer said that Ebright would always put extra effort. Not only did he put in three or four hours at night engaging himself in debate research but would also do all his research with butterflies and deal with his other areas of interest. Mr. Kleiherer was of the opinion that Ebright was competitive in a true sense. He didn’t want to win just for the sake of winning but to accomplish his ambition and contribute the best that he could in this field. In fact, Mr. Kleiherer always said, “For the right reasons, he wants to be the best.”

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