What made the peddler finally change his ways?

The kind, understanding and generous behaviour of Edla, the ironmaster’s daughter, finally changed him.


The world had never been kind to the peddler. It made the peddler a petty thief. However, the Ironmaster’s daughter proved to be an angel in his life. When her father came to know that the peddler was not one of his regimental acquaintances, he ordered him to leave his house immediately. Now, his daughter came to his rescue. She said that it was none of the peddler’s mistake. As a result, her father gave in. She treated the peddler as if he were a real captain. Her kindness and sympathy completely transformed the peddler. While leaving the Ironmaster’s house he left a small packet having a small rattrap, three wrinkled ten-krona notes and a letter. In his letter he wrote, “Since you have been nice to me all day long, I want to be nice to you, in return. You can give the money to the old man on the roadside. The rattrap is a Christmas present from a rat who would have been caught in the world’s rattrap if he had not been raised to a captain.”

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