What is common between Derry and Mr. Lamb?

The lesson ‘On the Face of It’ aptly depicts the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by Derry and Mr. Lamb on account of a disability. The actual pain and inconvenience caused by the disabilities is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the disabled person. Derry suffered from severe negative complexes because of his burnt face. He became a pessimistic loner who indulged in self-pity and was always suspicious of the intention of others. His anger and frustration made him withdrawn and an introvert. Mr. Lamb, on the other hand, was inwardly a loner who craved for company and acceptance. Though outwardly he was always jovial, outgoing and optimistic, he was an extremely sensitive person. Derry and Mr. Lamb’s physical disabilities caused pain and suffering, not only to their body, but also to their mind and soul.

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