What information did Rajvir share with Pranjol and his father?

Rajvir had a lot of information about tea. He told Pranjol that though there are many legends about it, no one actually knows about the origin of it. One Chinese legend says that it was accidentally discovered by a Chinese Emperor. Another legend, which is Indian, says that it was discovered by Bodhidharma. The legend says that he cut off his eyelids as he felt sleepy during meditation and tea plants grew out of them to banish sleep when they were drunk. He also knew that tea was first drunk in China in 2700 B.C. and it reached Europe in the sixteenth century as a medicine. He also informed Pranjol that the words ‘tea’, ‘chai’ and ‘chini’ are Chinese. He even had knowledge about the sprouting season on the second-flush which is the best in the world.

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