What efforts were made by Dr. Sadao and Hana to save the life of the injured man?

Being a doctor, Sadao realized that the American was in the need of urgent medical attention and thus, prevailed upon Hana not only to allow him to bring the man into the house but also to disclose the fact to the servants. The baby’s maid, Yumi, refused to clean up a white man and Hana had no choice but to do it herself. Though Hana had never seen an operation and had never before administered anesthesia, she was able to assist her husband in the operation. Sadao successfully managed to remove the bullet that had lodged itself close to the kidney. He made every effort to keep the American alive. He further made arrangements for the American to escape. He assisted him in all the ways that he could, by giving him boat, food, Japanese clothes and even a torchlight with which he could indicate in case his supplies ran out or if he did not find a Korean fishing boat to rescue him from the island where he was to seek refuge. In the meantime, Sadao had carefully monitored the enemy’s progress and was convinced that he was strong enough to take this chance and save his life. They parted as friends and the American remarked that it was a second time that Sadao had saved his life.

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