What do think makes ‘The Tale of Melon City’ interesting and edifying?

According to the title, the poem tells a story about Melon City – a city named after its ruler. It is quite interesting and edifying to learn how the country got a melon as its ruler. In short it was on account of customary choice. The people relate the story of a just and placid King who was hanged by his own Royal Decree.

What the King did for the people and how he held the trials of the accused both are quite amusing. The clever arguments of the accused to save their lives are equally interesting. The King feels the pulse of the people who want to see a hanging. He knows how mischievous an angry mob can be and hence orders that someone must be hanged immediately. The irony of the situation is that the King is tall enough to fit the noose.

The practical minded ministers resort to the age old custom of choosing the next ruler. The idiot’s idiotic choice is approved of in the name of custom. The people are indifferent to the fact that their ruler is a Melon not a man. The behaviour of pragmatic ministers and equally selfish, foolish and mean people seems quite funny and interesting. It is instructive too. A wise man should avoid the company of fools.

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