What are the three types of CDs?

There are three types of CDs:

1. CD- ROM: It stands for Compact Disk – Read Only Memory and data is written on these disks at the time of manufacture. Thereafter this data cannot be changed but can 63 only be read by a laser beam in the form of a continuous spiral. CD- ROMs are used for text, audio and video distribution like games, encyclopedias and application software.

2. CD-R: It stands for Compact Disk- Recordable. Data can be recorded on these disks but only once. So we can write data on these disks through a read/write CD drive but after that the disk cannot be erased/modified.

3. CD-RW: It stands for Compact Disk-Rewritable. It can be read or written multiple times. But a CD-RW drive needs to be installed on your computer.

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