What are the advantages of Verbal Communication?

Verbal communication is the most efficient way of communicating between two personnel or groups. The verbal communication provides you the mean to handle the everyday task with ease and helps in getting a quick result as the feedback is quick and the message conveyed in verbal format is quick and direct to the point. Verbal communication forms a great chunk of our daily communication.

Advantages of verbal communication skill are:

1. It saves time: The verbal form of communication gives you this facility to quickly send intended message thus saving you time.

2. It saves you money: No requirement of paper or designing a flyer etc

3. Feedback quickness: The distinct advantage of verbal communication is in the fact that the receiver can ask and clarifies his doubt on the spot without any delay. The sender can get quick feedback as to whether his intended message is received in its intended form or not and can clarify the receiver, in the case of any doubt.

4. Most convenient method: Verbal communication is the most widely adopted means of communication globally. People prefer more of verbal communication due to the convenience factor. While communicating verbally, you are more likely to convey matter simply in plain understandable language which is widely preferred

5. Ease of preparation: Oral communication is the easiest way of communication as it does not require preparation of any material.

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