Albert Einstein at School

Why did the Headmaster summon Albert? What was the outcome?

Albert was quite fed up with the present school and the technique of education. He could not tolerate the insult done by his History teacher Braun. Albert got a medical certificate from Dr. Ernest Weil. Dr. Weil certified that he had a nervous breakdown and must stay away from school. Albert didn’t need this certificate….

Mention the root cause of conflict between the History teacher and Albert.

Albert Einstein was studying in a school at Munich. During the History period, the teacher wanted his students to learn the facts by heart. But Albert Einstein did not believe in learning facts. So he opposed the teacher. The teacher could do nothing but to feel personally offended whenever Albert raised a point. They had…

Were the teachers interested in understanding Albert and bringing out his potential?

The teachers were not interested in understanding Albert and bringing out his potential. They always thought that he was a constant menace and nuisance to them. The History teacher did not like his behaviour and said that he was an ungrateful boy and ought to be ashamed of himself. He even told him that he…

Write down the specific guilt of Einstein and how was he punished for it.

Albert was a free, frank and fearless student. He spoke frankly before the teacher that it was useless to learn dates, facts and figures rather than the ideas. Facts could be read in a book. This made the teacher irritated. He insulted Albert and complained to the head teacher for his expulsion from the school.

Express your views on the educational system in Einstein’s Germany.

The chapter throws a good light on the existing system of education in Germany. Education actually means cramming facts and dates without keeping in view the basic ideas. There was very dull and conservative teaching in Einstein’s Germany. There was no room for innovative teaching. Teachers attached more importance to facts than ideas. History would…