This is a statement made by one of the best-known epigraphists of the twentieth century, D.C. Sircar: “There is no aspect of life, culture and activities of the Indians that is not reflected in inscriptions.” Discuss.

Inscriptions are a great source of information for understanding the different aspects of the life of the Mauryans. Some of the important uses of inscriptions are:

  1. They are historically important as they act as a source of information about the social and political situation in those times.
  2. They generally gave information about the achievements of the Kings as the inscriptions were generally written by men under the service of the Kings.
  3. The inscriptions also gave information about the religious donations made by the Kings and princes.
  4. Some of the earliest inscriptions were generally written in the Prakrit.
  5. Some of the inscriptions also mentioned the date of their commission. In other cases the actual dates of the inscriptions can be determined by several techniques.

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