The Post Master represents the people who still believe in helping others. Mention those values of the Post Master which you would like to emulate. Write it in about 100-120 words.

The postmaster represents a bunch of people like Lencho who have faith in God. And they believe in helping others. We learn from the story that still there are people like the Postmaster and the Post Office employees, who help others without any self interest. To keep Lencho’s faith in God intact, the postmaster co-operated with his employees and collected the amount. He had love and empathy towards Lencho when he knew about his situation. He was a compassionate man and even hid his identity in helping Lencho. He sent the amount to Lencho in the name of God. Even though none of the Post Office employees or Post Master were related to Lencho in any manner yet it was a pure act of humanity, kindness and selflessness on their part. The way they all helped Lencho in his hard times even restores our faith in humanity and motivates us to be a noble and kind person like the Postmaster.

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