The monkey decided to discontinue his friendship with the crocodile. Do you think he is justified in this action?

Yes, the monkey is completely justified in his action as he was deceived by his friend, the crocodile, that is why he decided to discontinue his friendship with him. The crocodile invited the monkey for a meal to his home with an evil intention, but the monkey did not know about it so he agreed, but the crocodile told him in the middle of the river that his wife wanted to eat his heart. The monkey was scared. but he kept his mind cool. The monkey made a plan at once and said he was ready to meet the demand, but he had left his heart on the tree. So they would have to go back to get the heart from the tree. The foolish crocodile turned back and reached the tree on the river bank. At once, the monkey jumped on the tree and saved his life. He broke his friendship with the selfish crocodile. Now, they were no more friends at all.

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