Summers are becoming hotter with each passing year. Write a description of one such very hot day. What did you see and hear as you walked outside? How were birds and animals affected?

There is no denying the fact that summers are becoming hotter with each passing year. It is the effect of global warming which sometimes turns into a killing experience.

It was the 24th of May. I was returning back from school at 1 pm. I could feel the scorching heat of the sun. I had forgotten my cap at home, which I normally wear while returning back from school. My school-van driver had fallen sick and had refused to provide services on that day. Since it was very hot, I could not find any other conveyance on the road. The road was rather deserted.

I started walking towards my home. Within few minutes, I could feel the beads of perspiration on my forehead and back. I kept on moving. The hot air was oppressing. I decided to take long, brisk steps to reach my home quickly.

On the way, I noticed that even birds and animals were also affected by the intense heat. I could see some dogs sitting in a pool of water to lessen the effect of heat. Birds could be seen flying as if they were also looking for water to quench their thirst. I was also parched. I took out my water bottle from my bag. There was only a little water in it but at that stage, it was a welcome drink.

I longed for my cool room and cold shower. I wished to reach my home as early as possible but that day my home seemed farther than usual. I thought of taking a rest under a shady tree for some time but looking at the deserted road, dropped the idea and kept on walking.

The weight of my bag was pulling my back as I moved ahead. I wished someone would come and take me home. But that happens only in fairy tales. It took me twenty minutes to reach my home but those twenty minutes seemed like twenty hours.

Once I reached home, I pondered over the effects of nature’s fury on us and decided to make my friends aware and neighbours of not destroying nature’s gift in the form of trees, water, etc.

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