Short Note on Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction means the individual should like his job. There are many factors which cause one to get satisfaction from the job. That differs from individual to individual. One may satisfied with salary whereas other with the position.

Investigations have shown that when a man is satisfied with his work, the employer profits by greater output, fever quits and many other tangible and intangible results accrue. A person satisfied with his job is likely to profit by having high morale in his life. A developing society like ours must ensure maximum job satisfaction of our workers.

It is very important for the guidance worker to be conversant with the factors on which job satisfaction depends. Job satisfaction depends upon many inter related factors and it is very difficult to isolate these factors. Broadly speaking it depends on:

  1. Personal factors
  2. Factors inherent in the job
  3. Factors controlled by the management(Government).

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