Natalya and her father Chubukov ‘turn around’ when Lomov puts his proposal in the open. As a reader briefly describe what you think of Natalaya and Chubukov from the play “The Proposal”.

Natalaya is the twenty-five year old daughter of Stepan Chubukov. Her basic aim is to tie the nuptial knot, even if her husband is an ailing and stubborn person like Lomov. However, egoist, as she is, she picks up a quarrel once again with Lomov regarding the superiority of her dog, Squeezer, forgetting all about the proposal which needed to be given the priority. This shows that Natalaya is foolish, short-sighted and immature. But when there is threat to her matrimonial prospect, she pretends to swoon. In the same way, Chubukov is a hypocrite and mean person. He suspects that Lomov has come to borrow money and decides not to render any help. But when Lomov reveals the real purpose of his visit, Chubukov gets extremely excited. He hugs and kisses Lomov and calls him ‘my angel’, ‘my son’ and sheds tears. It shows that he is a double-faced person who cannot be trusted.

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