Narrate the story ‘The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse’ in your own words.

One summer morning Aram’s cousin Mourad came to his house. He woke him up by tapping on the window of his room. The narrator was surprised to see Mourad sitting on a beautiful white horse. Mourad asked him to be quick if he wanted to ride. The narrator longed to ride and jumped down to the yard from the window and leaped onto the horse behind his cousin Mourad. As these families were poor, Aram concluded that Mourad must have stolen the horse. They rode a

nd Mourad sang and enjoyed their ride in the fresh morning. Mourad had a joy ride alone. It seemed he had a way with a horse, for when Aram tried to ride alone the horse threw him off and ran away. It was a broad day light and Mourad hid the horse in the barn of a deserted vineyard.

That afternoon John Byro, the farmer visited Aram’s house and related his plight. His white horse had been missing for a month. Uncle Khasrove silenced him with his roaring commands. Aram reported everything to Mourad and requested him to keep the horse till he learnt to ride. Mourad did not agree. After a fortnight they met with farmer John Byro and decided to return the horse. John Byro had believed the boys as he knew their fathers and was fully aware about the fame of their family for honesty. Mourad returned the horse to its owner the next morning.

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