Name the parts of an angiosperm flower in which development of male and female gametophyte take place.

In angiosperms, or flowering plants, the development of male and female gametophytes occurs within specific parts of the flower.

The male gametophyte develops in the anther of the stamen. Here, diploid cells undergo meiosis to produce haploid pollen grains. Each pollen grain is the male gametophyte and contains cells that will participate in fertilization.

On the other hand, the female gametophyte develops inside the ovule, which is contained within the ovary of the carpel (or pistil). Within the ovule, a diploid cell undergoes meiosis resulting in the formation of the female gametophyte, known as the embryo sac. This embryo sac houses the egg cell, which will be involved in fertilization.

Short Answer: The male gametophyte (pollen grain) develops in the anther, while the female gametophyte (embryo sac) develops in the ovule.

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