Look up the dictionary for the meaning of the word ‘diaspora’. What do you understand of the Indian diaspora from this piece?

‘Diaspora’ simply means ‘dispersion’ or ‘scattering’ as per dictionary. The ‘present extract’ The Ghat of the ‘only world’, dubs a very morbid line of Indian diaspora. First of all the writer talks about Indian citizens living in different parts of the world like America, England and so on. Their lifestyles goes with them to foreign lands. Like Shahid went to settle in Brooklyn. But his love for rogan josh and heeng never ceased, Secondly, I feel perhaps that the writer felt somewhat scattered and greatly affected due to the violent political atmosphere in his beloved State Kashmir. He wanted that politics and religion must be kept secret. He expressed his desire to die in Kashmir. It proves clearly, that in spite of all the worldly luxuries his soul craved to touch his home land. So it was an ‘Emotional diaspora’ on the part of Shahid, which I feel every Indian settled in foreign land must be suffering from.

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