Is it right to judge someone on the basis of his/her physical appearance? Elaborate.

Physical appearance alone cannot give the true account of a person as he can change it through clothing, make-up etc. A person can be judged on the basis of his behaviour, which shows the true characteristics of his personality. This is depicted by Anne in her reply to the first speaker that her beautiful hair colour is changeable, which attracts men. Men should not fall in love just by looking at the physical appearance. The poet feels that this is an injustice and so he tells Anne to beware of men who love her for her outward appearance only. He tells her that she should value a man who loves her for her inner beauty, even if such a man is hard to come by. We should never judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be deceptive. A person should be judged by his inner beauty and not outer beauty. Outer beauty keeps on changing from time to time. We should see the inner shine of a person rather than look for outer beauty.

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