Illustrate With Examples the Role of Loan in Business.

The loan plays two different role in business:

  1. Credit plays a positive role when the borrower is able to return the loan amount on time and also made some profit with the use of that money. For example, Salim, a shoe manufacturer took a loan from different sources to complete the order of 3000 pair of shoes. In the end he delivered the order, made profit and repaid the loan.
  2. Sometimes credit is very painful as it pushes the borrower into such a situation from where recovery is very difficult. In this situation, the borrower is not able to repay the loan and many a times caught into the situation of debt-trap. For example, a small farmer Swapna took loan for crop cultivation but due to some reason she faced the situation of crop failure. So she took another loan for spraying pesticides but the production was not enough to repay the loan. So she was caught in debt-trap.

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